Locations, equipment, financing and trained people who can donate their time and skills to train others or occasionally support activities.

About us

Schematic of the Project.

With great joy we present the Casa María del Caminante project, as a legacy of a chain of service to the most needy, carried out by the Daughters of Charity in the city of Miami. The Daughters of Charity are a Religious Institute of the Catholic Church formed by women consecrated to the service of the poor and Evangelization.

In 1971 the Daughters of Charity came to this important and diverse city to welcome, accompany, educate and help all kinds of people who, motivated or forced by different situations, have arrived as immigrants, mainly from Latin America.

Casa María del Caminante is a fruit of all these years of creative and personalized service.

Our mission is to listen, understand, assist, and promote anyone who needs help to get ahead with their family in their new home, which comes knowing little, scarce resources and loaded with needs and dreams.

At this moment we use the tools provided by the digital world, and we offer this website, where you can see what is happening in our services and others in our Network.

We also put online a store, where the products of our workshops are sold, which provide employment to needy migrants who want to get ahead with their work.


Buying in our store, you can help to tens of needy people.


Many graces arrive ... only to those who realize that all the good they have done, comes from God.

San Vicente de Paúl