Most important events of the "Casa" and the Vincentian Family that carries it forward.

The Archbishop has received us

On the morning of August 12, we were received by Mons. Thomas Wenski in the Archbishopric of Miami and we talked about our project, which is a way to implement the charism of St. Vincent de Paul in Miami.

He asked us to work in our network with organizations of the Catholic Church and other Christian denominations that are doing so much good to so many in need and gave us his blessing.

Sister Ana Margarita Lanzas (Servants of the Pierced Hearts) accompanied the Archbishop, and on our side we were present: Sr. Fabiola Guaman, Sr. Inés Espinosa, and Sr. Fanny Mora.

From left to right: Sr. Fabiola Guaman, Sr. Inés Espinosa, Mons. Thomas Wenski, Sister Ana Margarita Lanzas, Sr. Fanny Mora.


Buying in our store, you can help to tens of needy people.


Many graces arrive ... only to those who realize that all the good they have done, comes from God.

San Vicente de Paúl