Locations, equipment, financing and trained people who can donate their time and skills to train others or occasionally support activities.


With the obtaining of two Warehouses we can install four workshops:

  • Floristry
  • Sewing,
  • Repair and recycling of clothes and furniture
  • Show room.

Multifunctional room for Activities

To develop permanent leisure and training services, as well as other temporary events related to various manifestations of culture, as well as meetings and various events.

Tools, equipment, furniture

Tools, equipment and furniture for the services and processes to be developed:

  • Work tables
  • Special sewing machines
  • Washing machine
  • Woodworking machine tools
  • Carpentry and sewing utensils

Communication Support

Resources that make it possible to have a presence in the digital world, so that our evangelizing message reaches more people and at the same time we can interact online with potential customers and suppliers.

  • Support for web presence
  • Software for accounting and control of educational processes
  • Support for public relations and collaborative work.


Support of trained people to encourage the different processes that make up this project, mainly in relation to the training of the main recipients for their empowerment in this society.

  • Social skills
  • Use of technologies
  • Language
  • Crafts


Buying in our store, you can help to tens of needy people.


Many graces arrive ... only to those who realize that all the good they have done, comes from God.

San Vicente de Paúl