House of the Migrant in Reynosa

La Casa del Migrante Reynosa, run by four Daughters of Charity in a town that borders McAllen, Texas, is home to the deportees of the United States. UU While they decide what to do with t inuación.

Sr. Edith Garrido, daughter of charity, in the main area of ​​Casa del Migrante Reynosa.
 (Photo GSR / Soli Salgado)

“When they are deported, they bring with them a very intense pain because they invested in the trip,” said Sister Edith Garrido, a Daughter of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul, originally from Hidalgo, Mexico.”Many sold their houses, their animals or their land to pay for this trip. So they come back with even less of what they brought … They come to us undone ». The House receives deported 1,100 monthly.

Social Action in the Province of Southern Spain

Social dining rooms, shelters, day centers, sheltered housing, home visits, parish pastoral care, attention to immigrants and prison pastoral …
Every day, there are more people living on the street: men, women and children. The reasons why they are in that situation are diverse, but it is always painful and crucial for a life, often marked by loneliness, insecurity, violence and lack of hope.

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In general, society seems to be afraid of them and would like to take them off the streets, but rarely offer the necessary care for their reintegration into it and the right conditions to live a decent life.
By working with homeless people, the Daughters of Charity, we offer them respect, friendship and attention without judging them, offering them the necessary services to help them integrate into society. These services include:

  • Host centers
  • Night shelters
  • Dining rooms
  • Health centers
  • Wardrobes
  • Detoxification programs
  • Access to services, both public and private
  • Homes
  • Temporary accommodation
  • Literacy and self-esteem
  • Legal advice
  • Job search

Educational Workshops in Havana

The Immaculate School offers educational workshops to address the alarming scarcity of academic instruction organized in Cuba. Working in collaboration with other Ecclesiastical Institutions, this is the only program in the area that provides this type of service. 

The workshops cover a variety of topics, such as crafts and crafts, math, and computer skills, and are divided into different age groups – children, adolescents, and adults. The project services around 5 houndreds of children, teens, young people and adults per year.

Fight tuberculosis in Chiapas

The Daughters of Charity of Chiapas are working to restore the health of indigenous peoples suffering from tuberculosis (TB), through accessible treatment and quality care. Approximately 70 to 80 low-income TB patients receive free tests and specialized treatment and care at the San Carlos Hospital. 

A team, including physicians, a coordinator and ancillary staff, work together to help patients who have often spent a lot to make the trip to the hospital, due to their financial and health situation. Without adequate and regular treatment, the disease becomes more aggressive and resistant, becoming in turn increasingly difficult to cure.

Nursing home in Puerta Plata

In Puerto Plata, the Daughters of Charity take great care of the elderly who are poor. They house, feed and provide health care to residents free of charge. In addition, the Sisters and staff are totally dedicated to the person in all their integrity: emotionally, physically and spiritually. Although the operating expenses are covered by the government and by private sources, the center needs funds for improvements as it has suffered the devastation of numerous earthquakes over the years. 

In fact, the roof had so many leaks that it was causing a health problem to the 48 elderly residents. With help from the IPS, the roof has been repaired and the elderly can now enjoy their comfortable residence more worthily.

Stars in the Night

Vicentians of Cali

The Lord calls us to light stars on the night of other young people

The Vicentians of Cali invite us to be stars in the night, in the way of Pope Francis.

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«The Lord calls us to light stars on the night of other young people, invites us to look at the true stars, those signs so varied that He gives us so that we do not stand still, but imitate the sower who looked at the stars to plow field. God lights us stars so that we can continue walking: “The stars shine bright in their guard posts, He calls them and they respond” (Ba 3,34-35). But Christ Himself is for us the great light of hope and guidance in our night, because He is “the radiant morning star” (Rev 22,16) »


Buying in our store, you can help to tens of needy people.


Many graces arrive ... only to those who realize that all the good they have done, comes from God.

San Vicente de Paúl