Most important events of the "Casa" and the Vincentian Family that carries it forward.

A morning at the Food Bank

The San Vicente de Paul food bank serves some 500 needy families in Miami, with the cooperation of donors who contribute money, from some supermarkets, and volunteers from the San Vicente de Paul Society in this city.

The USDA (US Department of Agriculture), Farm Share and Feeding South Florida Federal programs donate and sell food. Donations are also received from Costco, Sedanos, WalMart, IBeria, and other supermarkets. In cases where it is sold, they do so per pound, at a cost of $ 0.25 to $ 0.50 per pound, regardless of whatever. These are logistics and administration costs therefore you do not pay for the food itself. In this way the money of the other donors yields much more.

The photos are from Saturday, August 31: as every alternate Saturday, families go to find food to complete their basic basket, the sisters offer a Christian formation space, and everyone enjoys together.

St. Vincent de Paul Society, you can call 305-609-6222.
The Food Bank is in:
14205 SW 142nd Street,Miami, FL 33186.


Buying in our store, you can help to tens of needy people.


Many graces arrive ... only to those who realize that all the good they have done, comes from God.

San Vicente de Paúl