Most important events of the "Casa" and the Vincentian Family that carries it forward.

50 years of Service in Miami

The Douthers of Charity serving the Gospel and people in need

On October 7, 1970, Monsignor Coleman Carroll wrote to Sr. Cristina Chiron, Mother General of the Daughters of Charity, and Fr. James Richardson, Superior General, sharing with them the need of the diocese for the large number of Hispanic refugees who were arriving, as I did not have religious and priests staff for pastoral attention in Spanish speaking.

Bishop Coleman Carroll (1905-1977), Mother General Sister Cristina Chiron (1909-2003), Fr. James Richardson Superior General (1906-1996), Sister Angela Aroyo Visiting Puerto Rico (1922-2011), Sister Eleanor McNabb from the Province of Emmistburg (1905-1998), Sr. Hilda Alonso, P. Agustín Román (1928-2012), Bishop Bryan O. Walsh (1930-2001)

From 1970 to 1971, it was a time of dialogues with the Visitor of Puerto Rico, Sister Angela Arroyo, and the Visitor of the Province of Emmistburg, Sister Eleanor McNabb. Finally, on June 16, 1971, Sister Cristina Chiron approved the foundation in Miami and Sister Hilda Alonso was appointed to begin the work with five sisters, being officially received on August 15 by Bishop Bryan O. Walsh, Episcopal Vicar of the Hispanic Apostolate. and Fr. Agustín Román.

The Daughters of Charity begin their work at the Catholic Hispanic Center and the Church of Gesu in the Down Town of Miami.
His first tasks were:
• Care of young children
• Spanish classes at elementary level school
• Liturgical animation and formation of the choir
• Attention in the dispensary

Later they begin to serve in the San Juan Bosco parish, also developing their mission of charity in the following tasks:
• Reception
• Pastoral organization
• After School for public school children
• Spanish and Religion classes
• Catechesis for children from six to twelve years old
• Manual arts to young children

The Daughters of Charity also made a presence in the Archdiocese at the Mission San Vicente de Paúl, 500 NW 63rd. Ave. There they attend multiple needs and their days were full from the beginning:
• Welcome and listen to those who come to your doorstep
• Donations of food to more than 80 families
• Spiritual care
• Sending food and medicines to Cuba and Haiti
• Meetings with ex-alumni from Cuba and other countries, and closeness to these
• They provide areas of your home for different activities such as retreats, prayer and life workshops, etc.


The service of the Daughters of Charity in the Hermitage begins at the request of Monseñor Román in 1972.
Since then in the Sanctuary many realities have been attended, first Cuban immigrants in their majority and later in the 1990s, a large number of all countries, multiplying then the work:

• Assistance to immigrants
• Attention in the reception of the Sanctuary
• Liturgical animation
• Evangelization through catechesis for children
• Archconfraternity of Charity
• Attention to catechumens for the sacraments
• Attention to organized pilgrimages (municipalities of Cuba in the beginning), recently to the dioceses of Cuba in the diaspora
• Spiritual attention through rosaries, prayer, presentation and dialogues
• Welcome to pilgrims
• Attention to low-income people and families
• Organization of activities such as Hispanic Heritage Month, Eucharistic Adoration, Children’s Day, Divine Mercy


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Many graces arrive ... only to those who realize that all the good they have done, comes from God.

San Vicente de Paúl